In her studio, which is in the heart of Carnia, exactly in Comeglians, Silvia Di Piazza creates modern and personalized carpets, which are thought up as real works of art. These are handcrafted carpets, whose aim is to personalize and to liven up modern rooms. The local tradition in the field of textile handcraft, the almost unspoiled nature and the beauty of that area are key factors in creating these works.

“A handcraft carpet, made of fine yarns, is created combining different colours and modern décor. So the carpet becomes a work of art, not only a interior design item.”

The hand-tufting technique

Silvia creates her personalized carpets using a particular manifacturing hand technique, called Hand Tufting.

First of all you make a draft on a piece of paper, then you move the pattern on the back side of a sheet, which is streched on a frame. Using a hand-yeld yarn gun, you insert the woolen threads in the sheet following the pattern and the colours. Then a latex backing, made of natural rubber, is attached on the back side of the sheet; the front side of the carpet has to be cut and trimmed in order to make its surface even. Mixing handcrafted tradition and technology, the Hand Tufting technique allows to make unique and personalized creations, which are different in form and size: from a minimum of 50 centimetres up to very big works, which could be obtained by putting together several finished parts. The thickness of the every carpet can vary from a minimum of 5 millimetres to a maximum of 5 centimetres.

This kind of technique allows you to create a personalized carpet, which can be made according to the requirements and and the drawing of the client. Every image, also every picture, can be the pattern of your “own carpet”.

The yarns

For her creations, Silvia Di Piazza uses only fine yarns: certified wool, which does not contain harmful toxins, because it meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the requirements of the XVII REACH enclosure (these requirements concern the use of  azo dyes, nickel, etc.) and also the requirements included in the American legislation, concerning the total amount of lead.