Apart from creating different carpets, Silvia meets the requirements not only of architects, interior designers and contractors, but also of private clients who want to have their own custom-made or individually designed carpet, also a unique piece. Through the hand-tufting technique (also called hand quilting), Silvia has the opportunity to create a personalized carpet, grounding her work on every decoration, image, picture or idea.

The carpet can have different dimensions, for example it can be very large, and different forms, so it can also be irregular.

The thickness of the fleece ranges between 5 millimetres and 3 centimetres. Varying the  width of different parts of the carpet, both through the carving of the fleece and alternating trimmed pile and bouclé (it is thinner), you can obtain tridimensional effects.

The carpet can be made of many different colours and, if it is necessary, it is possible to dye the yarns by sample.

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